Welcome To Hazi Muhammad Mohsin Government High School

History, Hazi Muhammad Mohsin Government High School was established in 1874 with a view to educate the Muslims by giving modern education based on Islam. The name of Hazi Mohammad Mohsin is the great personality and the famous philanthropist who was behind this educational institution. He was from Hoogly, West Bengal now in India. He inherited a vast property that he donated to ‘Hoogly Imam Bara’ (religious institution in Hoogly). It was not easy to operate this vast land property smoothly. So, the then Bengal Government took initiative and decided to spend the money from the ‘Mohsin Fund’ to educate the Muslims who were then lagging behind in modern education and culture. Steps were taken to improve the Madrashas in Hoogly and in Calcutta and to establish new ones in Dhaka, Chittagong and in Rajshahi. Scholarships for the Muslim students were also introduced. Educated and elite people living in Rajshahi helped to found ‘Dorse Nijamia Senior Madrasha’ in January, 1874. The first Superintendent was Moulana Abdul Kadir. He gave his best efforts for this institution. But one name that cannot but be mentioned is Nawab Abdul Latif who was one of the organizers.

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